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What I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving
November 27, 2017

This Thanksgiving, I am happy for a loving family, the opportunity to pursue work I enjoy, and that I live in the greatest state in the greatest country on the planet.

But in the spirit of my regular commentaries on politics and public affairs, here’s what else I’m thankful for this season.

Our tax system stinks. Let's fix it.
October 03, 2017

This just in from the Common Sense Department: The tax reform package proposed by the White House and congressional leaders is the ticket to dramatically enhancing the country’s global competitive standing and will be the catalyst for reaching the administration’s stated goal of at least 3 percent economic growth.

The US hasn’t seen a comprehensive tax reform deal reached since the Reagan administration. In the ensuing 30 years, the tax code has become more complicated, larded with special exemptions and dodges, and much less competitive. While we’ve stood pat, with both parties engaged in political malpractice, other countries have passed us by, making their shores much more welcoming to investment. When was the last time you heard a foreign leader aspire to make their tax system look more like ours?


Results over rhetoric
September 28, 2017

Most leaders engaged in the work of improving education in Arizona are focused on how we can replicate the success of our highest performing district and charter schools to reach even more students. 

Some outfits, though, like the Grand Canyon Institute (GCI), seem committed to ignoring great outcomes for students and instead engage in one-sided “analysis” and political attacks against one sector of our public schools – charter schools.

These attacks are harmful to Arizona students and their families – especially those whose access to a quality education depends on school choice.


Tax reform is box office gold
September 13, 2017

The movie industry in 2017 saw its worst box-office performance in over a decade. North American receipts were down over 14 percent since last summer. Films with big budgets fizzled and audiences yawned at sequels. 

One title this summer bucked the downward trend, however. Wonder Woman grossed over $410 million domestically. (And it’s easily the best movie I’ve seen this year.) The film’s executive producer, Steven Mnuchin, apparently knows how to back a winner. He’s also produced such blockbusters as Mad Max: Fury Road, and The LEGO Batman Movie.

President Trump and Congress need a hit right now, too.